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Altitude Testing

Our environmental testing facilities simulate altitude testing from -400 ft. (-121 meters) to outer space at 100,000 ft. (30,480 meters) or up to 10-6 Torr (1.3e-7 kPa) with temperature applied as low as -300°F (180C). We can reach these heights within 5 minutes or less. We are capable to handle products measuring up to 4ft X 4ft X 8ft to many standards, including MIL-STD-810 and RTCA DO-160.

Altitude testing must be performed for products that are manufactured for use in avionics and other aerospace applications. But, in actuality, any pressurized vessels (i.e. shaving cream) that may be transported by air should be tested. Medical manufacturers can test their medical devices transported by air. If you have products that provides critical care, mission-critical operation or must have high reliability and could be transported, shipped or hand carried by its user then altitude testing should be included as part of a robust test plan.

Rapid Decompression

We can also provide rapid decompression testing (explosive decompression)—from extreme altitudes to earth in less than a second.

Rapid Decompression testing provides evaluation of equipment installed in pressurized areas of aircraft that must function during and after emergency descent. Failures determined during decompression testing are: electrical malfunction, leakage, deformation, rupture, explosion of (gasket sealed) containers, or a change in physical properties of low-density materials. EA’s decompression vessel(s) can be evacuated to a pressure of 50,000 feet. Complete decompression can take place in less than 0.1 seconds to the flight height equivalent pressure. Decompression test profiles can be customized to a decompression time of only 0.05 seconds. The maximum, simulated altitude is 100,000 feet.

If you have a new product that you are concerned about then let us put together a test plan for you.

Please contact for more info: Andrew Spaulding, Andrews@eatest.com, Phone: 818-709-0568
Los Angeles Test Facility
9604 Variel Avenue
Chatsworth, California 91331
Phone: (818) 709-0568
Orange County Test Facility
2300 West Cape Cod Way
Santa Ana, California 92703
Phone: (714) 541-4808

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