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To Our Valued Customers

Environment Associates, Inc. believes in the principle of "Continuous Quality Improvement", and we consider
ourselves Industry Leaders in Customer Satisfaction.

While actively seeking ways to enhance our Quality and Technical programs we appreciate and value greatly all customer feedback. Please feel free to contact our Quality Assurance Department directly, at any time, to offer advice, voice a concern or offer a compliment.


Dennis von Schmausen
Director Of Quality Assurance
von_schmausen @ eatest.com
Phone: (818) 709-0568 ext. 232

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Shock & Impact Testing

Environment Associates Provides everything you need in drop shock testing — package/container, drop shock/impact systems and electro-dynamic simulated pulses. With our equipment, we specialize in tuned, matched impacts from 20 Gs to 30,000 Gs and from 30 ms to .02 ms in sine, saw-tooth, square-wave, gunfire and rotational cam pulses for almost any set of standards, or for any real-life condition. We can also handle a large range of weights and sizes. EA's specialists will match the right test, equipment and configurations to your product. We also provide fixture design and special set-up solutions to mount and monitor your product’s functionality during and after testing.

Please contact for more info: Andrew Spaulding, Andrews@eatest.com, Phone: 818-709-0568
Los Angeles Test Facility
9604 Variel Avenue
Chatsworth, California 91331
Phone: (818) 709-0568
Orange County Test Facility
2300 West Cape Cod Way
Santa Ana, California 92703
Phone: (714) 541-4808

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