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Connector Testing

If your product uses a connector or terminal, it can be susceptible to a unique set of failures that warrant specific connector testing conditions to determine the robustness of your design.

The first step in validating your product is ensuring that your connector or terminal is in compliance to its design specification in both structure and assembly. Finding defects, from poor solder joints to bad crimping, is “key” to ensuring that your product terminations are robust. To determine if your connector is manufactured and assembled properly, we provide the following connector testing services:

• Axial Concentricity
• Maintenance Aging
• Contact Engaging/Separation Force
• Contact Insertion and Removal Force
• Cable Pullout
• Contact Tensile Strength
• Insert Retention
• Mating/Un-mating Force
• Durability
• Contact Retention
• Resistance to Probe Damage
• Crimp Tensile Strength
• Coupling Torque
• External Bending Moment
• Coupling Pin Strength
• Gauge Location
• Gauge Retention
• Accessory Thread Strength
• Pin Contact Stability
• Solderability

After a connector is inspected for it's mechanical properties, electrical performance must be measured to ensure that impurities, contaminates or process issues hasn’t affected the life of the product. That is why we provide the following connector tests for both connectors and terminals:

• Contact Resistance
• Low-Level Contact Resistance
• Insulation Resistance
• Dielectric Withstanding Voltage
• Shell-to-Shell Conductivity
• Discontinuity Monitoring

Our qualified, technical staff can prepare samples which includes the assembly of the test articles, validating the pin-outs of the connector, breadboard a testing assembly, and the manufacturing of test leads to measure voltage drops across the connectors. For large connector test programs, we can mount the test leads to data-acquisition terminals and set-up software programs to measure all terminal testing parameters.

The application of your connector can cause different effects to your product and to the items that inter-connect within your systems. Environment Associates provides a number of connector tests to evaluate the service life of your product, connectors and terminals. These tests are as follows:

· Drop Test
· Vibration Durability while Monitoring Discontinuity
· Water Immersion
· Power Wash Testing
· Air Leakage
· Magnetic Permeability
· HALT – HASS – Accelerated Testing
· Solar Radiation
· Salt Fog
· Blowing Dust
· Temperature/Humidity – Vibration – Life Cycle Testing
· Dry Circuit Testing – Current Cyclic Testing
· Micro-Fretting
· Corrosion Testing

Hybrid Connector Testing

Environment Associates will perform testing on Hybrid Connectors with fibor optic, signal and power contacts. The performance testing of fibor optic connectors types (ST, FC, SC, LC) with cylindrical ferrules. We test for db losses across the connector or coupler from the source to the meter and we can setup for most any type of configuration.

EIA-364 Connector Testing

Environment Associates is approved by the military Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for both Land and Maritime devices to conduct testing to EIA-364 series. These tests and procedures set forth by the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) for general and environmental testing of electrical connector testing. To see a list of all the specific test that we perform Click Here

Please contact for more info: Andrew Spaulding, Andrews@eatest.com, Phone: 818-709-0568
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