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HALT & HASS Testing

Environment Associates provides the services of accelerated testing for determining a component’s limit of operation or a system’s risk hierarchy for failure modes. EA can develop a test plan for a component, product or system that will activate potential failure modes that could cause premature warranty claims or diminish the value of your company’s brand. As an industry leader in accelerated testing, we can develop a test plan to include the type of expected service conditions for mechanical cycling, environment, electrical stress, contaminations and human unexpected use. These stress sources can be engineered into sequential singular stress tests or multiple stress environments.

EA includes thermal cyclic testing with high performance ramp rates in combination with random vibration testing as a key component for HALT and HASS testing. These two combined stress sources could be sufficient for a circuit board only test; but to reveal a product’s full set of potential failure modes, a product test must include all significant stress sources in combination with vibration and temperature. For example, a weak hinge on a plastic cover that remains in a stationary position may never show weakness if only temperature and vibration are applied, but if it is mechanically cycled while subjected to temperature and vibration, key information may be found. When you think about it, how many products do you use every day that have a singular stress? The answer is none. So we need to test with real world, combined stress sources to find real world results.

Our HALT/HASS chamber can provide 200°C to –100°C temperatures with ramp rates that can exceed 60 c/minute. We can provide vibration at 50 Grms from 10 Hz to 5 KHz. This Screening Systems chamber is best for traditional, Highly-Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) applications.

Key Benefits:

* Reduced Warranty Claims
* Quick comparison for product maturity for cost reduction changes
* Reduction in engineering development time and testing
* Rapid discovery of potential design flaws
* Testing that coincides with engineering FEA models

Please contact for more info: Andrew Spaulding, Andrews@eatest.com, Phone: 818-709-0568
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